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Mesa Tuco

106 Logwood St.

South Burlington, VT 05403


  • Over 20 years of Experience 

  • Fully Licensed

  • ​Free Estimates 

  • Network of Suppliers providing quality products at cost-saving prices

  • Specializes in Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations 

Thank you  for visiting my website! 

With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on me to successfully partner with you on your next home transformation project: you share your ideas & vision, I listen, advise and execute on your finalized plans. Although I specialize in kitchen and bathroom renovations, customers have been pleased with my completion of other projects ranging from giving dining rooms a fresh look to stripping an entire house to design new living space with a new layout.

What sets me apart from other contractors is my ability to actively listen to my clients and help them finalize plans that will leave them happy with the final result. I do so accurately and in a timely fashion utilizing my team of experienced carpenters, licensed plumbers and electricians.  

I take pride in my work. Many people can attest to my strong work ethic. It has always been one of my strengths, not only in building a successful, local business but also from rebuilding my personal life after having arrived in Vermont 22 years ago after surviving the Bosnian Civil War. 

Life in Vermont has treated me very well; and that gratitude and joy impacts my work positively. 

I look forward to hear about your next home renovation project ideas! 




Mesa Tuco  

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